Business and cash flow are part and parcel to each other and every opportunity is seized by a business to get an edge on the competitors. The edge could be discounts on early settlement, add additional stocks or create a cash flow cushion for a brief period.

Working capital loans are available at competitive fixed rates for small and medium enterprises to expand the business and enhance the profits.

Business loans at critical stages can prove as a catalyst and are designed to enable the business to flex the financial muscles and create better opportunities. For some people, waiting for invoices to be paid can be frustrating and therefore cash flow can take a nose dive. This is where invoice financing can come into play – whereby a company lends you cash based on your invoices that are outstanding. And you pay a small fee on top for the pleasure of getting the money early and that’s how trade finance can be a great part of your profit and loss account. Or, asset based lending can be something that a company can take advantage of, which is how a company gains credit from putting their asset either cars, computers or tools on the line as collateral in leiu of a loan. If the payments stop then the asset is taken as payment.

An unsecured business loan is there when you need it the most. Particularly to free the working capital that is tethered down in inventory, equipment and receivables and including any property assets anywhere in U.K.