Marine Mortgage is to help you to materialise a life-time dream to own a water vessel. The vessel may be for personal pleasure or business purposes, marine finances are designed to fit the need. The vessel could be a yacht or a powerboat or a commercial one.

In a situation of already owning a boat and urgent extra cash is required to upgrade or œfix the holes of the vessel, marine mortgage comes to the rescue. The money can be arranged by the banks or lenders within 24 hours.


Usually owning a marine vessel is a luxury that is wrapped around taste and desires and this may lead to a tendency to financially spread thin. Hence, it is important to realize that the repayments correlate to the financial circumstances. The folks in the financial markets have plenty of packages to offer that are tailored to address your needs. The repayments package can be to make additional payments with an option to pay-off the loan when you want. The marine mortgage finance also, offers an optional cover plan that preempts your fear, in case of an accident, illness or you are laid-off.

The most important factor to consider is the interest rate options on Marine mortgage finance which are fixed or variable interest rates.


The interest rates are a key reason to determine the choice of opting for a particular marine mortgage. Different types of Marine mortgages are available like variable-rate marine mortgage, balanced payment plan, balanced payment plan with option to make balloon repayment and interest-only marine mortgages.


This variable-rate marine loan lets you to pay-off at any time and there are no penalties in doing so.


Balanced payment plan is one of the most sought marine mortgages that keep your monthly repayments fixed for the length of the agreement. The length of the agreement is dependent on the base rate, if the base rate increase then the term of agreement is extended. If the base rate decreases then the term of agreement is shortened.


As the balloon repayment indicates that it allows you to pay-off the loan lump sum. The advantage of this marine mortgage is that the monthly repayments are not high and are also fixed for the duration of the agreement. The terms of the agreement define the balloon payment amount to be paid along with the final monthly repayment. The balloon payment rises and decrease with increase or decrease in base rate.


Large deposits are required to obtain interest-only marine loan. The interest is covered by the payments for a fixed time. After the fixed time the repayments begin like a normal loan.

Buying a Commercial Vessel
Loan for commercial vessels requirements include a large deposit between 25% to 40% and a minimum advance limit.

Every commercial vessel needs a certification and it is compulsory requirement that the commercial vessel be completely British registered. The length of the loan is between 5 to 10 years.

Get the right marine mortgage to realize your dreams.