All Types of Finance Options

Normally, finance can land you in a tricky situation but here at Finance we compare over 300 products in each field so that you get the best APR and lowest finance deal on a range of products.

We know that not everyone's situations fit each finance bill and that's why we take into consideration any bad credit or poor credit rating that you might have and we don't penalise you for it! If you have a good to excellent credit rating, then things are just a little bit easier.

Here at we enjoy offering people like you the best quotes on their finance deals. From boat mortgages to small business loans and asset based finance, we have it all here under one roof.

Compare Finance Deals

By comparing deals, you get to choose the best of the best. The cream of the crop when it comes to finance deals. If you are buying a yacht or need a property development finance loan, then you might not want the very cheapest deal but one that suits your needs. This is where FinanceMachine excels as we explain each pro and con that each finance deal gives you so you can make the best and most informed choice.

What's more, we don't use any personal details to pester you. We offer compared finance deals and quotes, if you want to move forward with them then you can click through to the best company. If you aren't happy with any of the low APR finance deals then you don't have to pursue it and you won't be hounded with emails and phone calls.

Monthly Payment Finance Deals

We believe that this way, you can get the information you need and choose at a pace that suits you. Every one of our thousands of customers over the years keeps coming back as this is a very laid back approach to finance. We're there if you need us, but at arms length so you can make the right decision for your circumstances. No pressure, no selling, just plain old finance deals.